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Newsletter 04

Harlow Enterprise Zone Newsletter 4

This newsletter features updates on the developments at Kao Park and the Harlow Science Park as development on both sites makes great progress during 2017.


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Date published: Nov 28 2017

Newsletter 03

Harlow Enterprise Zone newsletter 3

Welcome to the third Harlow Enterprise Zone newsletter. In this edition we announce our development partner for the delivery of the London Road Science Park as well as providing updates on other aspects of the Enterprise Zone. We also provide some information on wider aspects of regeneration and development in Harlow – the arrival of Public Heath England and the potential of Crossrail to assist the growth of the town.

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Date published: Apr 4 2016

Newsletter 02

Harlow Enterprise Zone newsletter 2

July/August 2015

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Date published: Aug 13 2015

Newsletter 01

Harlow Enterprise Zone newsletter 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Harlow Enterprise Zone newsletter.

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Date published: Mar 6 2015


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